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Outdoors during winter

Obey the mode of the winter routes. Ski Trails are only for classic skiing. Don't walk, ride a bike or drive with motor vechiles at the skiing trails. At winter trails, snowshoeing trails and multipurpose tracks is also allowed to walk, snowshoe or ride a fatbike. Dogs are welcome on a leash to the winter trails.

When setting off for a winter excursion, even a short one, take a spare set of clothes, food, hot drinks, as well as a mobile phone and a map with you. Do not forget a head lamp and matches or a lighter.  

Be prepared for sudden changes in the weather. After snowstorms, the trails cannot always be maintained quickly. Check the current situation before the trip. Wind can quickly cover trails with snow. During thaws, the trails may be soft and easy to sink through.

Special at the early winter, the ice cover can be thin, even on the little ponds. The ice picks are necessary safety accessory when you hike on ice.

Emergency number is 112. Note that there are some areas without signal. If this happens, try to move to a higher place or go into an open area or remove the SIM card from your phone. Take a first-aid kit with you.