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Directions and Starting ports

Starting ports


Haaruksentie 359 60440 Kauhava

63° 15.3890′ 22° 58.0749′

Haaruksenportti is the starting point of Korpinkierros, Joutsenenlenkki, Päästäisenpolku and Jääskänloma Trail. There is a guide hut, a parking area and a dry toilet in Haaruksenportti.


Haaruskankaantie 198 A 60440 Kauhava

63° 16.5620′ 22° 57.9145′

Haaruksenportti is the starting point of Korpinkierros, Saukonsilmukka and Peiponpolku There are a camping ground, a parking area, an information board and a recycling point in Ruskoranta.


Haaruskankaantie 91 60440 Kauhava

63° 15.9323′ 22° 58.8819

Haaruksenportti is the starting point of Karhula Trail. There are a swimming beach, parking area, an information board, a dry toilet and a rubbish bin in Haarusjärvi.

By Public Transportation 

  • The nearest railway stadion located about 9 kilometer from Haarus, at Härmä (traffic only in summer time). The nearests around year railway stadions located at Kauhava (30 km) and Pännäinen (49 km). Check the timetables (vr.fi).
  • The nearest bus-stops locates at Moskua (3 km, only in school days), at Alahämä (10 km) and Kortesjärvi (14 km). Check the timetables (matkahuolto.fi).
  • You can order a taxi from these stadions or buss stops.
  • Tip: Take your bike to the train and cycle to Haarus.