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Outdoor Etiquette


  • You may walk, mountain bike, rowboat, canoe, and ski. 
  • Take other hikers into consideration.


  • Please keep pets on a leash aroun year.
  • It is forbidden to swim with pets on groundwater area and public swimming beach.

Picking and Fishing

  • You may pick berries and mushrooms, but do not take trees, moss, or lichens.
  • You may go angling or ice fishing free with Finnish Everyman's Rights, but you need a license for other fishing.


  • Lightning campfires is allowed at official campfire sites. 
  • Please use firewood sparingly. 
  • When forest or the grass fire warning is in effect, you may only do campfire at huts and cocking shelters.
  • Check the current warnings: https://en.ilmatieteenlaitos.fi/warnings

Litter-free hiking

  • Follow the rules of litter-free hiking.
  • Safely combustible litter can be burned in fireplaces and organic waste left in toilet compost.
  • Please take all other wastes away when you leave.

Mountain biking

  • The trails and the nature belong to everyone. Yield to hikers and other slower trail users.
  • Trails keep at well condition when you stay at marked trails and avoid hard braking.
  • Use helmet. Check your bike and equipment before your trip.


  • You may camp near rest stops in your tent, hammock etc. (max. 2 nights).

Motor Vehicles and Boats

  • Drive motor vehicles is allowed only along roads. 
  • Do not use outboard motor at Lake Haarusjärvi.

Nature Respecting

  • Please do not disturb the privacy of homes, other hikers, animals, birds, or nature.
  • Stay on the trails.

Winter Trail Etiquette

  • Ski Trails are only for classic skiing. No for walking or skate skiing.
  • Dogs are welcome on a leash to all winter trails.
  • Mind other trail users and respect nature.
  • Good hikers leave no trace.