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Good to know


  • We recommend that you take your own first-aid kid to the trip.
  • In case of emergency ring to number 112
    • Note that there are some areas without signal.
    • If this happens, try to climb to a higher place or go into an open area.
    • 112 Suomi application speeds up aid in emergency situations in Finland.
    • Remember to keep your mobile warm during winter-time.
  • Remember that you hike with your own risk.
    • Hike with cation, especially on the ice.
    • If the viper bite you, take contact to doctor. Usually, viper will go when it sees human.
    • After the trip check that there are not ticks on you, your children or your pets.


  • Drinking water.
  • Cell phone with fully charged battery.
  • Running shoes or hiking boots.
  • Weather-appropriate clothing.
  • There isn’t toilet paper at dry toilets. Take toilet paper with you.
  • We recommend to take first aid-kit with you.
  • It’s nice to eat nutrients, when you hike. Take nutrition what is cook ready, use campfire places or take portable stove.
  • Insect repellent.
  • At winter take also a head lamp and warm drink.

Litter-free hiking

  • Leaving waste to area is forbitten. Take only what you need and avoid disposable products.
  • Safely combustible litter can be burned in fireplaces and organic waste left in toilet compost.
  • Carry other rubbish back with you.
  • There are recycling points at Ruskoranta and Haarusjärvi.

Drinking water

  • Bring your drinking water with you.
  • If you use areas lakes water, we recommend that you boil the water before your drink it.