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There are about 10 kilometres marked, easy hiking trails in Haarus. A good idea for day trip is one of our circle trails (1-5 km). If you combine different circle and connecting trails, you can take even a weekend-long wandering in Haarus. You can overnight in a cosy cottage in Ruskoranta Camping Ground for example. Dogs are also welcome for excursions - but only in a leash. You can read more about the summer trails here.

Good trails for families with children include e.g. Peiponpolku Thematic Trail and Karhula trail. There are also infoboards about the nature and history of the area along Peiponpolku, so the route is also suitable for learning. The new Päästäisenpolku Thematic Trail also suitable for wheelchairs and wheelchairs.

In the winter, hiking is possible in Haarus along the maintained winter trails. There are about 3.5 kilometers of them in Haarus. A hiker should start the winter trip from Haaruksenportti. Read more about winter trails here.

Mountain biking

The many routes of Haarus are well suited for mountain biking. The easy heath forest is also suitable for the novice mountain biker. For example, the Korpinkierros is a great choice for mountain bikers. Slow down when encountering others on the trail. Yield to hikers and other trail users. 

Although the routes are easy, we recommend a mountain bike. With a street bicycle, you can move along the roads of area, from where you can deviate, for example, to the campfire site of Lamminpoikanen on foot. Whether you are riding a mountain bike or a street bike, you can easily reach the area by ride a bike on small dirt roads from your home.

Winter biking with fatbike is also possible in Haarus. The maintained winter trails (3.5 km) are also suitable for winter biker. Please, reduce the air pressure in your wheel before driving on winter trails to keep the winter trail in better condition.

Cross-country skiing

There are about 5 kilometers of easy cross-country skiing trails in Haarusl, that pass through the forest and on the shores of ponds. Easy ski trails are also suitable for beginners, and there are few height differences. The trails are only for Nordic style skiing. Normally, the ski season starts in Haarus in January and ends in March. The snow may melt earlier some years than others. 

You can choose whole trail (5 km) or some shorter skiing trail. There are two skiing trails, that starts from Ruskoranta; Lasten Latulenkki (1,2 km) and Vuoslammin Vuorotahti (2,8 km). From Haaruksenportti, you can ski back and forth to the Lamminpoikanen campfire site. More information and current trail information can be found here.

Dog skiing is allowed in Haarus. Do not go too fast, as there are steep curves and pits on Haarus' ski tracks. Please, keep your dog on a leash and take other hikers into consideration.


In Haarus, fishing is possible in the fishy Haarusjärvi or in the small ponds of Haaruskangas. Haarusjärvi's fish fauna includes e.g. pike, perch, roach and burbot. Perch and pike have been planted in many of the ponds in Haaruskangas.

Angling and ice fishing are everyone’s rights and you don't need fishing permits for these. Other fishing requires a permit, which you can buy here. The fisher should always get to know the restrictions of fishing.

Trail running

Korpinkierros is also well-suited for beginner trail runners. Take good running shoes, a bottle of water and a running spirit with you. When the terrain is wet, it is more comfortable to run with waterproof shoes.

Berry and Mushroom Picking

You may pick berries and mushrooms with everyman's rights. Common berries are lingonberries, blueberries and cloudberries in Haarus.


At warmly summer days, the clear waters ponds induce to swim, so take your swimsuit with you. There is a official swimming spot at Haarusjärvi, but there are not clear water. Please, note that swimming with dogs are not allowed in the groundwater area and on the commong swimming spot.

Canoeing and Rowing

You may canoe or row on Lake Haarusjärvi. If you want to rent a canoe, take to contact to Lakeuden Elämyspalvelu.


The maintained winter trails is a good option for beginner snowshoeer. The marked snowshoeing trail to the Karhula shelter-hut (1.4-6 km) is more demanding, but exciting. Untouched snow cover are inviting experienced winter hikers.

Nature photography

Nature photography is an easy activity that is easy to develop. For the beginner photographer, only camera of phone is also very suitable as a recording device. Do not disturb animals or birds because of your shooting. You can get great pictures from the Karhula trail or the Joutsenenlenkki Trail, for example. Share your image with hashtags #haarus, #haarustrails, #haaruksenreitisto, #visitlakeus, and #visitkauhava.


Here organises orienteering events. You can read more about orienteering events here (in Finnish).